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The Issues

There's a lot at stake for Southern Ohioans.

Culture war issues only benefit politicians and media outlets. We need to focus on the real issues that make a difference in our lives.

It's time for someone who actually cares about this area. I'm ready to bring robust change to Southern Ohio! We have so much untapped potential waiting to explode. We have countryside waiting to be utilized, a workforce like no other waiting to get busy, unfulfilled promises from state leadership that needs to be invested in our area. It's time to rise above the current political landscape and make our area great again!

I may be a Democrat, but I'm a Southern Ohioan above all else. When one succeeds - whether Republican, Democrat or Independent - we ALL succeed. It's time to put Southern Ohio's needs over party needs.

Drug Rehab Reform

Investment in Infrastructure
and Workforce Development

Southern Ohio has boundless opportunities for development.

The biggest problem is that our area lacks the proper infrastructure to draw large business investment. Gas, sewer, electric, fiberoptic internet, improved roads - it's a tall order because Columbus has ignored our area for so long. But these are fundamental to developing our area for investment.

Infrastructure development will also create high-paying local jobs building those roads, power grids, and gas lines.

We also need to future-proof our area by investing in renewable energies to keep our area thriving far into the 22nd Century.

A key to sustained prosperity will be developing a skilled workforce through state-led education and training programs. When large businesses look to Southern Ohio in the future, we'll have the infrastructure and workforce in place to grow the area.

Medicaid For All

Healthcare should be a basic right of every Ohio citizen. Any Ohioan should be able to walk into any healthcare facility in Ohio and not pay a dime.

By removing the burden of healthcare expense, Ohio small businesses are able to better compete. Workers are able to change jobs without fear of losing health benefits. And no family will face financial ruin because of a medical emergency.

What's the point of government if government doesn't work for all of us?

Free In-State College

The key to building a successful and sustaining workforce in Southern Ohio is education.

I believe all Ohioans should have access to no-cost education at any public State University. Implement loan forgiveness for Ohioans who graduate and are employed in Ohio - insuring our investment in education remains in Ohio and benefits all Ohioans.

Protect Personal Liberties

Oppressive government overreach MUST be stopped.

Our radical Republican-led Legislature has already begun stripping Ohioans of personal liberties. Against the clear will of the people, they've already taken away women's right to control their own bodies, but that's only just the beginning. Access to contraception, reproductive rights, gay rights, voter rights, and minority rights are all on the table!

I will defend our civil liberties at all costs. Period. Full stop.

Drug Rehab Reform

Nowadays it seems like Southern Ohio traded a pill mill epidemic for a drug rehab on every corner.

I will propose restrictions on the drug rehab firms to ensure our loved ones facing addiction get the compassionate care they need, while cracking down on unscrupulous fly-by-night clinics only interested in turning a profit.

By setting strict success guidelines, we can provide care by legitimate facilities and weed out scam artists.

U-Scan Self-Checkout Penalties

Did you apply for a job to check yourself out at your local grocery store or superstore? I know I didn't.

Self-checkouts and U-Scans rob local Ohioans of jobs.

Ohioans lose jobs, municipalities lose income tax revenue, and the local economies lose that spending capital being spread throughout other local business. All while big business saves money. But do they pass down those cost-cutting savings to us? Nope!

That's why I believe that any business that installs self-checkouts in excess of 10% of human-manned registers must discount any self-checkout purchase and pay a tax penalty to the local municipality.

Protect Prevailing Wage
and Protect Unions

We must ensure that union workers are paid fairly. Prevailing wage does that.

I also believe local unions should get first priority when awarding governmental contracts. We have plenty of local skilled workers, there's no reason local governments should hire outside union workers over a local union.

Defend Our Teachers

Both my parents are retired public school teachers. As were both my grandmothers. So I've always grown up with concern for our public school teachers.

Our public school teachers are overburdened and underpaid. And they're leaving the field at an alarming rate, unsurprisingly, because of radical legislation our representatives have enacted.

Our public classrooms should not be the battleground for politicians trying to score points with their radical special interest donors. LET TEACHERS TEACH!

I will defend our public school teachers and public school systems from the onslaught of radical Republican legislation, and I will work diligently to make sure teachers are adequately compensated for the important role they play in educating our children.

Government Transparency

Many people have lost faith in government, and with good reason!

Government officials have been able to conduct their nefarious deeds in the dark. They enrich themselves at our expense, and when on occasion they're caught, they're rarely held to account.

I pledge to make myself accessible to the public for which I'll serve. And I will make sure constituents have the access to know what their government and elected officials are doing for them!

Fund our Police

"Defund the Police" is a stupid phrase and a misguided idea that won't work.


Our law enforcement agencies need community involvement and government funding to safely do their jobs and protect us all.

With the nationwide rise in crime, now is not the time to cut vital funding to police. I fully support our law enforcement agencies and will fight to protect funding for agencies, projects and taskforces.

G.R.A.B. (Grant wRiting Assistance Board)

Large cities employ tens of grant writers to snag monies for social programs, while small towns and rural counties sometimes only have one or two.

Many government agencies rely on receiving grant money to implement and maintain vital programs and services.

I will work diligently to create a Grant Writing Assistance Board to create a state agency that employs grant writers on behalf of Ohio counties.

Drug Rehab Reform

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